Co-Presenter FAQ

What is a co-presenter?

A co-presenter is a local Seattle organization who we pair with a film or two at the festival and do cross-promotion for each other’s events. It is a a free and easy way for both our organizations to promote the work and programs we do!

What are my responsibilities as a co-presenter?

Each community co-presenter does at least one email and one Facebook post about the film they have been paired up with and festival as a whole. Twitter and Instagram are also options! In return, your organization will be listed on Translations website, and an announcement will be made at the screening. We provide two comp tickets (at Will Call under your organization name) to the film, and these attendees can choose to staff an information table in the lobby and speak for 2min before the screening-- as well as watch the film!

For your 2 minute talk we recommend letting the audience know what your organization does, any upcoming events, and how to get involved / social media / website.

When should I arrive at the screening that I’m co-presenting, and what should I do when I get there?

Please arrive 30min prior to the film’s screening time. When you arrive please visit the Box Office to pick up your 2 comp tickets under your organization name. Then ask for the House Manager and let them know you are a co-presenter for the next film. They will connect you with the staff member doing the Intro so you can coordinate and will also show you to the co-presenter table so you can set up your materials.

If I have more questions about co-presenting, who should I ask?

Please contact our Co-Presenter Lead, Deva Smith at: